Fireplaces and Fire hearths

Fireplaces are once again seen as desirable features in a home, be it a restored original or a way of creating a striking focal point.

A fireplace is a beautiful addition to any home, but with so many fireplace designs to choose from, finding the right style for your home might be a bit of a challenge. Whether you are looking for modern fireplace designs or crave the look of a rustic stone fireplace, we will be able to bring your ideas to reality. Share your vision with us and together we will create the perfect bespoke fireplace for your home.

Depending on what style fire place you have or want to have made, we will recommend the best fire hearth for it. We will discuss the look you want, the style you imagine and the materials you desire. The Ideal Stone Interiors team of experts will put all of that together and get to work immediately in order to bring you the most impressive results which will leave you happy and with a piece of art right there in your home.

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